Our Story

We're a chic maternity range offering the night to day range, the original 4 in 1 dress - day dress - night dress - maternity dress - breastfeeding dress. Make a great investment that not only is high quality, but packed full of features and still keeps you looking great


Malt is a family run maternity brand that consists of Lani (Mum) and Trixie (Nonna) doing the day to day running, with Matt (Dad) and Ethan (son) providing support. The origin of Malt is very simple, when Lani was pregnant with her son Ethan she wanted bright, fun, maternity pajamas, that were flattering and offered breast support. Unfortunately for her, none could be found and Nonna offered the simple advice of "then make your own".

As with all things it wasn't quite that easy, but the outcome was the creation of Malt. From that humble initial concept more features were added until the Night to Day range came into existence. A maternity range that has become the original 4 in 1 dress - day dress, night dress, maternity dress and breastfeeding dress.