Hypnobirthing and attempting a VBAC

Hypnobirthing and attempting a VBAC

I’m curious about hypnobirthing, can you please tell what it is exactly?

HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method is a comprehensive program that teaches the physiology of birth, relaxation techniques for labour and birth, breathing techniques for a gentle birth and empowers couples to advocate for their ideal birth.  


I’m now pregnant with my second child and trying for a VBAC, would Hypnobirthing be a technique that could help with this?

HypnoBirthing® is often sought out by parents in their second pregnancy when they didn't achieve their birthing ideal first time round. We start the first session with what we call 'dehypnotising'. This is removing any negative programming around birth so you can start fresh with the knowledge of how capable your body is for the upcoming birth. We also help you choose the right care provider and how to talk to that care provider to get the outcome you want (as always in the absence of special circumstances). Sometimes being empowered to speak up combined with the knowledge your body is perfectly designed with birth is all a woman needs to completely change her birthing story. You also learn relaxation and breathing techniques for birthing. As well as an empowered birth you will be calm and be feeling minimal pain.     

Would my husband be involved with this technique as my support person and what would his role be?

Yes! Birth Partners are fundamental to the birth. Dad's learn all the techniques and practice is integral to success. This is my favourite part of the course. You do homework which means Mum and Dad work together daily to create a beautiful environment for the unborn baby. They baby even gets into the routine with Mum and Dad. We often hear feedback of babies kicking lots when Mum and Dad do the relaxations at home. Babies even respond well the relaxations when they are unsettled after they are born. You are really setting your whole family up for success.   

Do you find that this technique is supported when in the hospital?

It depends on the hospital. Some midwives or Obstetricians have never seen the technique and don't what to expect. In this case we encourage you to work on a very clear birth plan so your wishes are respected - we get a lot of converts from medical staff who see HypnoBirthing® parents. There are great staff out there that will modify their language and management to suit what you learn with HypnoBirthing®.    


When is the best time in my pregnancy to start learning the techniques?

Usually throughout the second trimester. Practice is the most important so if you are likely to wain in your practice if it is too many weeks before your birth do it later. If you are a super committed person then start early and get extra weeks of practice in.  

Is there an association to find registered Hypnobirthing practitioners?

The HypnoBirthing® International site has all the Gold Seal practitioners registered in Australia. 


About the Author

Danika is passionate about helping Mama's find their ultimate birthing experience. After a beautiful Hypno Birthing experience she was empowered and had found her true self as a woman. She was shocked to hear that her friends did not have the same experience. The hospital systems had let them down, had not educated and encouraged them to take charge of their birth. Danika found her passion - to help and encourage women to take back their power. To have beautiful births that they feel are supported and most importantly to take away the trauma that is so often referenced in modern birthing experience. Her role is to educate, empower and encourage women to a beautiful birthing experience in any environment and with any birth plan in mind - from drug free to surgical. 


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